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Stages of Life

  • The portion Acharei Mot is a discussion of the death of Nadab and Avihu, the two sons of Aaron. In one of my favorite sections in the Or ha’Hayim,...read more
  • Kabbalah teaches that the energy of death manifests in any form of ending or limitation, not just physical death.  Michael reveals how even when...read more
  • There is a teaching I think is very beautiful, but also practical, and it relates to Shabbat Tetzaveh; a Shabbat that is about the lighting of our...read more
  • Nadab and Avihu, the two sons of Aaron, achieved the level of Acharei Mot, being "after death," the level of having conquered death. How did they...read more
  • There is a discussion in the portion Vayechi which speaks about the death of Jacob. But the Zohar says pay attention to the exact words in the Torah...read more
  • The Creator tells Noah that the world is going to be destroyed, and so He wants him to take 120 years to build a teyvat, an Ark, through which he and...read more
  • Kabbalists teach that when a person passes away, the soul leaves the body, and the physical body becomes impure; meaning, negative forces can attach...read more
  • It says that after Korach failed, the earth swallowed him up; it’s a very dark, sad ending. And there’s a little bit of confusion about this. Korach...read more
  • The portions of Acharei Mot and Kedoshim are generally read together, except when there is a leap year in the kabbalistic calendar, like this year....read more

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