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  • Michael reveals how we can reach the state of self containment for achieving happiness, clarity and manifesting our desires. CLICK HERE to watch more...read more
  • In general, the conversation and story in the portion Behar revolves around what’s called shmita, the cycle in which land is worked for six years,...read more
  • Michael discusses what is necessary to reveal the true and ultimate blessings into our lives. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah...read more
  • The portion Ki Tisa begins with the giving of the half a shekel. There’s a whole discussion in the Zohar about the fact that the giving of the half a...read more
  • In the Bible, Joseph is taken from the dungeons of Egypt and becomes the second in command of Egypt. Join Michael as he reveals how we can break our...read more
  • This week’s portion, Pinchas, is a very significant one. There are many, many teachings surrounding it, and certainly, as we have discussed in the...read more
  • Frequently things in life are exciting in the beginning and then they lose their excitement over time. Most people are more in love on the first date...read more

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