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  • Michael discusses how there is always so much more going on beneath the surface in every challenge and obstacle we face. Turning to the Biblical...read more
  • Shabbat Terumah is one where a tremendous amount of Light is revealed; however, it all revolves specifically around the individual’s ability to make...read more
  • In the portion Va’era, there were the first seven plagues. In the next portion, Bo, there are the last three. And the portion Bobegins with a special...read more
  • Rebecca and Isaac have two children, Jacob and Esau. The blessing Isaac was going to give was a historical, world changing event, and yet Isaac wants...read more
  • When Abraham went up to the mountain, it was only him and Isaac. But it says that when he came down for the three day travel, he took others with him...read more
  • Beresheet is the first Shabbat of the year, the first reading of the year. And the kabbalists explained that in this first Shabbat and this first...read more
  • Michael reveals how keeping ourselves concealed during the month of Virgo can protect us against judgment and open pathways to the Light. CLICK HERE...read more
  • We learn in the portion of Korach that even those who attached themselves to Korach and did not have pure intentions were still able to infuse the...read more
  • Michael reveals how Moses attained the highest levels of soul and why his name does not appear in the Biblical portion of Tetzave.read more
  • Michael reveals the only reason pain, negativity and darkness exist, how we can remove the false consciousness that allows darkness to occur and how...read more
  • Michael reveals the consciousness we must hold if we want to receive wisdom, understanding, and blessing through our study and spiritual work. CLICK...read more
  • Michael reveals how perfecting our certainty in the Light can open the Gates of Heaven allowing us to receive endless blessings. CLICK HERE to watch...read more
  • In the portion Vayera, we have the Binding of Isaac, in which the Creator comes to Abraham and tells him what Abraham understands to mean that he has...read more
  • The Midrash says that blessings come from anavah, humility. Meaning, that blessings will only come to a person when he or she awakens humility within...read more
  • At the end of the portion Masei, Moses is leaving this world and there is a whole discussion about how the physical land of Israel is going to be...read more
  • The portion Pinchas is unique in that usually every portion tells a story, or a few stories, from beginning to end. However, this story begins in...read more
  • The portion of Shlach Lecha is the famous discussion of the spies. The Creator says to Moses, “Send people and they should go into the Land of Canaan...read more
  • Michael reveals how Moses and Aaron's love and appreciation for each other ignited the Light of the Tabernacle and later the Temple. For us to reveal...read more
  • The portion Tzav begins with a discussion of the sacrificial offerings, parts of which were burnt throughout the night and therefore became ashes. It...read more
  • The spiritual insights concerning the portion of Vayikra are truly inspiring; namely, the revelations that are contained within the first words of it...read more
  • Literally translated, the beginning of this portion says, "See that I am putting before you today blessings and curses," and usually the...read more
  • The word used in this portion is ekev, which literally means “the heel.” What is the significance of that? The Maor Vashemesh, one of the students of...read more
  • Kabbalists teach that when a person passes away, the soul leaves the body, and the physical body becomes impure; meaning, negative forces can attach...read more
  • Michael discusses false humility which originates from a lack in certainty in the greatness we are meant to achieve and prevents us from manifesting...read more
  • The month of Aries offers us the gift of lessening the grip of the ego, allowing us to grow closer to the Light of the Creator. If we truly desire to...read more

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