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  • The Midrash, in the portion Terumah, tells us that Moses was overwhelmed on this Shabbat. It says when the Creator said to Moses that the Israelites...read more
  • We can connect to the greatest Light (Or HaGanuz or Concealed Light) during the times when we have fallen.  When we appreciate that it is from...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we can remove the residue of the negative actions we have performed throughout our life through the process of...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we can remove blockages from our spiritual body thus opening up our ability to truly share with others.read more
  • There is a story about Rav Chaim Vital and his teacher, the Ari. During the years they spent together, Rav Vital had a tremendous problem controlling...read more
  • This week we are coming to another important Shabbat, the Revelation at Sinai, the Aseret Hadibrot, translated as the Ten Utterances, but perhaps...read more
  • Strong emotions are part of the sign of Cancer. This month gives us the opportunity to learn how to harness the energy of our emotions to assist us...read more
  • We are now in the beginning of the month of Elul, better known as the month of repentance. On a simple level, it can be understood that in the...read more

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