michael berg kabbalah scholar


  • There is a teaching in the portion of Vayeshev about the understanding that nothing ever happens to us; even the most terrible thing that somebody...read more
  • Every year with the portion Tazria, we come to speak about what is called lashon hara, the negativity that is created through negative speech. We all...read more
  • The kabbalists teach that the most important consciousness to have is that of certainty. They make it clear that no matter what actions we do, if we...read more
  • On a literal level, the portion of Shmini talks about the culmination of Light that was revealed through all the work the Israelites and Moses did in...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we can remove blockages from our spiritual body thus opening up our ability to truly share with others.read more
  • Every day we experience some form of offence from others. It is natural to become upset when a friend does something that is hurtful towards us. Our...read more
  • Sometimes it breaks over us like a slow-moving wave, other times it strikes as suddenly as lightning. The cause may be hidden or all too obvious:...read more

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