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  • When my father Rav Berg lived in the United States, and his teacher, Rav Brandwein, lived in Israel, they would study in many different ways; one...read more
  • The beginning of the portion Beha’alotcha talks about the lighting of the candelabra. The Creator tells Moses to tell Aaron to light the candelabra...read more
  • Michael reveals how attaching ourselves to the wisdom of Kabbalah and map of perfection can provide us with solutions to any of our problems on a...read more
  • We have gone through Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hoshana Rabba, and Simchat Torah, and although spiritually our bank is full, sometimes,...read more
  • In the beginning of the portion Tzav, the Creator says to Moses, “Speak to your brother Aaron, and speak of the sacrifice in the morning and in the...read more
  • The portion Vayigash begins with what seems to be a confrontation between Yehuda and Joseph. Yehuda at this point believes Joseph is simply the...read more
  • Michael discusses the concept of "spiritual oxygen" and how studying the Zohar provides our soul the infusion of Light we need to bring blessings...read more
  • Rav Brandwein gave a teaching to Rav Berg regarding the portion Ekev, and when Rav Brandwein chooses to teach one thing concerning a portion, it...read more
  • There's a connection that was called the Pesach Sacrifice, which a person could not partake of if they were impure; meaning, they cannot have been...read more
  • Our Ego, our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone manifests as a global force that aims to stop us from connecting to the Light. Michael reveals how...read more
  • Michael discusses the profound and powerful purpose for all of our study and spiritual work. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah...read more
  • Michael reveals the consciousness we must hold if we want to receive wisdom, understanding, and blessing through our study and spiritual work. CLICK...read more
  • There is a story about four great souls who went into the Orchard; one of them was Rav Akiva, who it says was the only one who entered in peace and...read more
  • Michael discusses the importance of studying from the Ari and the Zohar to cleanse negativity we have created and are not even aware of. ...read more
  • Michael discusses the true and profound purpose for all of our study and spiritual work. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah University.read more
  • The portion Va’era begins, “The Creator tells Moses, ‘I revealed myself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in one level of Light, one level of connection....read more
  • Michael discusses the state of perfecting our spiritual work and perfecting our consciousness. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah...read more
  • Michael reveals how the deepening of our understanding of the wisdom of Kabbalah goes hand in hand with the deepening of our connection with the...read more
  • Michael reveals how the Light we connect with during our study can free us from the prison of our ego and extinguish darkness at its root.read more
  • We meet two very unique individuals in this week’s portion. There is Balak, who was the king of Moab, and there is Bilaam, a great prophet and...read more
  • We can either see our spiritual work as some sort of payment in which we are paying off our blessings, or we can see ourselves as partners with the...read more
  • Whenever you study something spiritual, there is a process at work you may want to understand, in order that you may receive the most benefit from...read more

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