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Joseph The Righteous

  • The portion Miketzbegins with the word vayehi, representing something negative, which is strange, because this portion talks about a positive...read more
  • There is a teaching in the portion of Vayeshev about the understanding that nothing ever happens to us; even the most terrible thing that somebody...read more
  • The Midrash tells us that when Joseph was originally sent down to Egypt, he quoted a verse from Psalms, where King David tells us that what happens...read more
  • In the beginning of the portion Vayeshev, Joseph tells his brothers what seem to be grandiose dreams about himself, which is surprising because...read more
  • In the portion of Vayeshev, the brothers sell Joseph for twenty silver coins. And what the Midrash says they do with those coins sounds initially...read more
  • It says in the Zohar that Joseph, Yosef HaTzadik, did not achieve the level of being righteous until he stood strong against the advances of the wife...read more
  • In the Bible, Joseph is taken from the dungeons of Egypt and becomes the second in command of Egypt. Join Michael as he reveals how we can break our...read more
  • Joseph, Queen Esther, and other giants of the Bible connected to what the kabbalists call the "Concealed Light" in order to reveal miracles. ...read more
  • If you look at the story of Vayeshev, it is probably the most depressing, chaos-filled portion in the entire Torah. Something terrible happens to...read more

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