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  • Michael discusses the importance of interlocking our spiritual work with the work of others on the spiritual journey and focusing on two essential...read more
  • Michael discusses the importance of spiritual community, the death of Moses, and what Rav Yehuda Ashlag calls Arvut, Mutual Responsibility. CLICK...read more
  • The portion Kedoshim contains in it a verse we have all heard many times: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Rabbi Akiva says that this is the purpose...read more
  • The place where we gather to connect is what exists today, the kabbalists say, as the Mishkan, the Tabernacle. The space does not simply happen to be...read more
  • Michael turns to the teachings of Rav Brandwein to reveal what singular desire we must have to bring about the Final Redemption. CLICK HERE to watch...read more
  • Michael discusses how Moses revealed the secret of bila hamavet lanetzach or the complete removal of death in our world. The one tool to bring about...read more
  • Michael discusses how seeing negativity in other people or situations is actually a reflection of those things within ourselves that we need to...read more
  • The portion of Chukat begins zot Chukat haTorah, which literally translated means, “this is the law of the Torah. “ Onkelos, the great translator of...read more
  • The Shabbat of Acharei Mot/Kedoshim, portions which are generally read together except when there is a Leap Year in the kabbalistic calendar, is a...read more
  • Every day we experience some form of offence from others. It is natural to become upset when a friend does something that is hurtful towards us. Our...read more
  • One day a man onboard a ship walks by one of the cabins and notices a man drilling a hole in the floor. He shouts, “What are you doing? Are you crazy...read more

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