michael berg kabbalah scholar

Levels of Soul

  • The portion Emor begins with the Creator saying to Moses, “Speak to the kohenim, the priests, the children of Aaron, and you should speak to them…”...read more
  • In the portion Shmini, after giving the kosher food laws, explaining that some foods have the ability, spiritually, to either bring us down or to...read more
  • Michael reveals how our positive and negative actions affect our soul’s relationship with our physical body.read more
  • It says in the portion Toldot that Isaac, Abraham's son, dug wells for water; first, in the same places where his father had dug them, which the...read more
  • Michael reveals how Moses attained the highest levels of soul and why his name does not appear in the Biblical portion of Tetzave.read more
  • There’s a story in the Talmud which says that Rabbi Pereira had a student who could not understand what he was teaching, and so he repeated the...read more
  • Michael reveals how the day of Shabbat and the work we do on this powerful day re-infuses the world with Light and completes our soul so that we can...read more

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