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The Soul's Journey

  • Abraham had two brothers, Haran and Nahor, and it is in the portion of Noach that Haran dies. The Ari tells us that Haran was later reincarnated into...read more
  • The portion Emor begins with the Creator saying to Moses, “Speak to the kohenim, the priests, the children of Aaron, and you should speak to them…”...read more
  • Michael reveals how our positive and negative actions affect our soul’s relationship with our physical body.read more
  • It says in the portion Toldot that Isaac, Abraham's son, dug wells for water; first, in the same places where his father had dug them, which the...read more
  • Michael discusses how there is always so much more going on beneath the surface in every challenge and obstacle we face. Turning to the Biblical...read more
  • Every single one of us was gifted the essence of the Light as an inscription upon our soul.  Through our actions of sharing, we awaken our soul...read more
  • Michael discusses the wisdom Moses revealed at Mount Sinai according to the kabbalist Ibn Ezra. Here we learn that the amount of Light and blessing...read more
  • Our actions are not merely an experssion of who we are, but in fact, our actions make us who we are.  Michael explores how our negative or...read more
  • Michael discusses how everything that happens to us is sent by the Light, how this helps us understand the purpose of our trials, and how every life...read more
  • When Bilaam begins to prophesize, he says, “May I die the death of the righteous, and in the afterlife, let me be like the righteous.” But we know...read more
  • There is a teaching in the Tiferet Shlomo about the song Shalom Aleichem, which has to do also with the portion of Bamidbar. It says, if you read the...read more
  • The kabbalists explain that at the root of any illness or discomfort is our soul's desire to leave the body. This occurs when we have created an...read more
  • Michael reveals how connecting with Shabbat and the Zohar renews our world with Light, draws back lost souls and moves us closer to the Final...read more
  • Michael reveals how Moses attained the highest levels of soul and why his name does not appear in the Biblical portion of Tetzave.read more
  • In the portion Va’era, Aaron creates the miracle of the first plague, the Plague of Blood, because the Creator tells Moses to instruct Aaron to take...read more
  • In the portion Toldot, Isaac and Rebecca have two sons: Jacob, the righteous and elevated son, and Esau, the lower one. When their mother, Rebecca,...read more
  • In the portion of Chayei Sarah, there is the story of the sending of Abraham’s servant, Eleazar, to find and bring back a wife for Isaac, who we know...read more
  • There is a story about four great souls who went into the Orchard; one of them was Rav Akiva, who it says was the only one who entered in peace and...read more
  • In the portion Ki Tetze it speaks about what happens if you find something that somebody else has lost. Obviously the right thing to do is find who...read more
  • Michael discusses the process by which we elevate sparks of Light or otherwise regather and rebuild our own soul through our spiritual work. The...read more
  • The portion Mishpatim starts with the Creator telling Moses, “These are the laws, the rules that you should put in front of them.” In the Zohar, Rav...read more
  • The Creator tells Noah that the world is going to be destroyed, and so He wants him to take 120 years to build a teyvat, an Ark, through which he and...read more
  • There’s a story in the Talmud which says that Rabbi Pereira had a student who could not understand what he was teaching, and so he repeated the...read more
  • It says that after Korach failed, the earth swallowed him up; it’s a very dark, sad ending. And there’s a little bit of confusion about this. Korach...read more
  • The kabbalists teach that when we experience discomfort, difficulty or pain, it cleanses us from aspects of our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone...read more
  • Michael reveals how the day of Shabbat and the work we do on this powerful day re-infuses the world with Light and completes our soul so that we can...read more
  • When the Creator speaks with Moses, He talks about the going out of Egypt; which, as we know, is not a historical event, but rather a spiritual...read more
  • Jacob is called by two names in the Torah - Jacob and Israel. The name Israel represents a higher level than the name Jacob. The Ohr HaChaim, Rav...read more
  • On this Shabbat there are two Parashat, Vayakhel and Pekudei, both of which are important readings with a tremendous amount of secrets and...read more
  • When our desires becomes attached to temporary things like our pride, respect and honor, we cannot experience lasting fulfillment and Light. ...read more

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