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  • The battle that is spoken about in the portion Ki Tetze, the Zohar tells us, is the battle of the individual against what is called the Negative...read more
  • Rav Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk reveals a teaching about the portion Re’eh that I find to be both beautiful and practical. He begins a discussion...read more
  • We are nearing the end of the month of Elul (Virgo), where we have been going through a process of teshuvah, looking back at the negative actions we...read more
  • On the Shabbat of Shoftim, in the reading of Shoftim, the Ramban, Nachmanides, reveals a very important secret about this verse, which says, “You...read more
  • Michael reveals how that even when we are in our darkest place, the Creator is there with us.  Furthermore, even when we do a negative action,...read more
  • Michael explains how every negative action that a person does creates darkness, but her or she can also transform this darkness through his or her...read more
  • We can connect to the greatest Light (Or HaGanuz or Concealed Light) during the times when we have fallen.  When we appreciate that it is from...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we can remove the residue of the negative actions we have performed throughout our life through the process of...read more
  • This week’s portion, the first in the book of Deuteronomy, begins “elehha devarim,” meaning “these are the words.” Moses is soon leaving this world,...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can connect with the energy of immortality by diminishing our ego therefore eliminating death and darkness and drawing...read more
  • The Shabbat of Tazria/Metzora is significant because two portions are read together, intertwining many of the lessons and Light that we receive this...read more
  • On this Shabbat there are two Parashat, Vayakhel and Pekudei, both of which are important readings with a tremendous amount of secrets and...read more
  • As always, there are a lot of lessons in this portion, but there is one thing I want to touch on before we go into the teaching, one consciousness...read more
  • We are now in the beginning of the month of Elul, better known as the month of repentance. On a simple level, it can be understood that in the...read more
The Creator is only constantly in the state of Goodness, and never in the state of seeing what is wrong. Read more: https://t.co/NHD1PQ5a34
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