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  • Michael reveals how the Temple sacrifices described in the Biblical story of Vayikra instill within us the idea that there is nothing but the Light...read more
  • Michael reveals how all the inspiration, clarity and miracles that we need are already right here, existing in this moment, and ready to be revealed...read more
  • Michael discusses the difference between pushing ourselves to our limit versus moving beyond our limits to reach the realm of miracles.read more
  • The portion Bo discusses the tefilin, or phylacteries, which are worn on the head and arm, saying we put them on to remind us of the miracles that...read more
  • The portion Miketz almost always falls within the time of Chanukah; as such, there is a deep connection between the Light of the portion and the...read more
  • In the Biblical story of Lech Lecha, Abraham and Sarah were unable to bear children but where able to bring a miracle by shifting their consciousness...read more
  • Michael discusses the nature of reality that we know versus true nature.  Miracles occur when we can tap into true nature.read more
  • The Shabbat and reading of Naso has many important aspects to it, but there’s one teaching I am excited about sharing, because it relates to a...read more
  • In the Story of Creation it says, “The Creator created us for the purpose of achieving the same abilities that the Creator has; just as the Creator...read more
  • Just as the Israelites traveled in the desert and experienced miracles, there are deserts or times of difficulty in our life where we can extract...read more
  • Usually when there's a message from the Creator to the Israelites, there's a conversation that begins with the name of the Creator being revealed,...read more
  • In the portion of Shemot, we come to the famous story of Moses and what is called the burning bush. There is a discussion amongst the commentators...read more
  • Michael discusses the importance of moving away from fear and doubt and achieving great certainty and complete trust in the Light of the Creator in...read more
  • Michael turns to the writings of Rav Ashlag and reveals how the Light revealed at any time is greater than we actually receive. If we are able to...read more
  • In the end of the portion Beha’a’lotcha, it says, “Moses cries out to the Creator.” The words that he cries out are the words that are used in the...read more
  • The portion of Bechukotai begins, Im bechukotai telechu, which Rashi the great commentator says means “if you do the difficult work when you don't...read more
  • The spiritual insights concerning the portion of Vayikra are truly inspiring; namely, the revelations that are contained within the first words of it...read more
  • The portions of Vayakhel-Pekudei not only contain the culmination of all the work that occurred in the book of Shemot, or Exodus, but also bring us...read more
  • There is a section in the teachings of the Noam Elimelech (Rav Elimelech Weisblum of Lizhensk, 1717–1786), which I love, that explains the importance...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we connect with the secret of living in "this day" and avoid injecting doubt, fear and uncertainty into our future,...read more
  • Certainty is a consciousness more powerful than hope or belief; certainty is knowing. Michael discusses the level of certainty that we need in order...read more
  • The portion of Vayigash begins, “Vayigash elav Yehuda,” meaning “Yehuda stood up to Joseph.” But it is not literally just about Yehuda standing up to...read more
  • Michael explores the miracle of Chanukah revealing how the Light of this holiday can infuse our life with fulfillment, excitement, and inspiration....read more
  • There is a quote that is mentioned many times in the Talmud, many times in the Zohar, that is the key for the entire Shabbat of Toldot. It says that...read more
  • Michael discusses what is necessary to reveal the true and ultimate blessings into our lives. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah...read more
  • Michael shares how we can only access the greater blessings and draw the greater Light when in those moments that we have no desire to share. CLICK...read more
  • At the beginning of this week’s portion, the angels, after being fed by Abraham, tell him that a great miracle will happen a year from now; he and...read more
  • It says in the Midrash that the Creator says to Abraham on this Shabbat, “I am creating you anew, as a new being.” Why? What does that mean? The Rav...read more
  • Michael shares a story about the Ohev Israel, the Apta Rebbe about how we can remove decrees of judgment and negativity that may be hanging over us....read more
  • Life is a series of hints from the Creator, and these hints show us where there are openings for miracles. Michael turns to the story of King David...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how the energy of this week assists us in opening the 50th Gate of Binah and reaching unimaginable spiritual heights to...read more
  • In the portion of Naso on this Shabbat, the Birkat Kohenim, the blessings of the Kohenim, are revealed. During the prayers, the Kohenim come up and...read more
  • The portion of Tetzaveh is the only reading in the entire Torah where the name of Moses is not mentioned. Why is this? One of the explanations the...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can increase our direct connection to and receiving from the Light of the Creator by uprooting the consciousness of "mine".read more
  • There is a teaching in the portion of Vayeshev about receiving spiritual lessons from those who appear to be below us. It is about really living with...read more
  • Michael discusses false humility which originates from a lack in certainty in the greatness we are meant to achieve and prevents us from manifesting...read more
  • The portion of Chukat begins zot Chukat haTorah, which literally translated means, “this is the law of the Torah. “ Onkelos, the great translator of...read more
  • Nissan, considered the head of all months, is derived from the Hebrew word nes, made up of the letters Nun and Samech, and has two definitions: “...read more
  • On this Shabbat, we read two sections from the Torah - the actual portion of Tetzave, and an additional section from the portion of Ki Tetze (the...read more
  • Joseph, Queen Esther, and other giants of the Bible connected to what the kabbalists call the "Concealed Light" in order to reveal miracles. ...read more
  • We come to a very important Shabbat, the Shabbat of the 72 Names of God. The amount of writings by kabbalists offering exciting revelations about...read more
  • We know that Chanukah is about opening up the channel of miracles. Therefore, during this time, we have greater access to create miracles... but...read more
  • Something we speak about every year with this portion is the story of the Binding of Isaac.  However, this week’s portion holds within it...read more
  • As we enter the new year and have made so many spiritual connections from Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah, we have filled our...read more
  • Michael discusses awakening miracles with our words and feeling pain for others.read more

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