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  • In the first part of the story in the portion Vayishlach, Jacob decides it's time to go back home and meet his brother Esau, after quite a number of...read more
  • The story in the portion Toldot is a well-known one: Isaac wants to give the blessing of the first born to Esau, the selfish son, but Rebecca tells...read more
  • Speaking about the beginning of the portion Nitzavim, the Midrash says on that  Shabbat the Creator makes the Israelites - and us - like angels...read more
  • We enter into Shabbat Va’etchanan with the power we think we have to be able to use prayer to effect real change, but leave it, hopefully, with an...read more
  • There is a collection of a few teachings from a great soul who lived, and was killed, during the Holocaust. There is not a teaching on every week's...read more
  • The portion Devarim begins with a discussion between Moses and the Israelites. Moses gathers all the Israelites and seems to be telling them all of...read more
  • In the Story of Creation it says, “The Creator created us for the purpose of achieving the same abilities that the Creator has; just as the Creator...read more
  • In the portion Chayei Sarah, it says Ve’Avraham zaken ba bayamim, “Abraham was old, coming into his days.” The way the words ba bayamin appear in the...read more
  • The portion Re’eh, not coincidentally, is my father Rav Berg’s Bar Mitzvah portion. And there is a teaching which has to do with how we view our...read more
  • When the portion Masei talks about the group of Israelites, sometimes it calls them le’tzivotam, and sometimes it calls them be’tzivotam, which means...read more
  • There is a teaching in the Tiferet Shlomo about the song Shalom Aleichem, which has to do also with the portion of Bamidbar. It says, if you read the...read more
  • Michael explains how we can change our predestined path and achieve our full potential by reaching the level of the angels. CLICK HERE to watch the...read more
  • It is not coincidental that the portion Miketz falls during Chanukah, because there is a great correlation between the Light and wisdom of Miketz and...read more
  • There are many unique things about the portion Balak and this Shabbat. One is that while we know Moses writes down all the stories in the Torah that...read more
  • Michael explores how we can become an angel in consciousness and remove the effects of negative actions we performed during the past year by seeing...read more
  • Michael explores the battle for our consciousness that occurs between angels of positivity and angels of negativity.read more
  • There is a very famous section in the Midrash in regards to the portion of Bamidbar, and I read it almost every year as I come to this Shabbat. The...read more
  • Our fulfillment does not come from "more" of any external thing. Like the angels described in the Bible, our fulfillment comes with the knowledge of...read more

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