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  • The portion Miketzbegins with the word vayehi, representing something negative, which is strange, because this portion talks about a positive...read more
  • The portion Miketz almost always falls within the time of Chanukah; as such, there is a deep connection between the Light of the portion and the...read more
  • We have to be able to prepare in the good times for the bad times.  We are given the Light we need for any challenge we may face ahead of time,...read more
  • Rav Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk speaks about the beginning of the portion Miketz, which occurs during Chanukah. When we talk about real certainty, we...read more
  • It is not coincidental that the portion Miketz falls during Chanukah, because there is a great correlation between the Light and wisdom of Miketz and...read more
  • Michael reveals how the lighting the candles of Chanukah connects us to the Final Redemption and gives us the ability to see Light in times of...read more
  • In the beginning of the portion Vayeshev, Joseph tells his brothers what seem to be grandiose dreams about himself, which is surprising because...read more
  • Michael explores the miracle of Chanukah revealing how the Light of this holiday can infuse our life with fulfillment, excitement, and inspiration....read more
  • We can connect to the greatest Light (Or HaGanuz or Concealed Light) during the times when we have fallen.  When we appreciate that it is from...read more
  • The month of Capricorn is unique in that the month begins on the seventh day of Chanukah. The preceding month of Sagittarius was a time when we had...read more
  • We know that Chanukah is about opening up the channel of miracles. Therefore, during this time, we have greater access to create miracles... but...read more
  • Michael reveals how the simple act of lighting the Chanukah menorah allows us to recapture the Light we have given over to the Ego and take back...read more
  • If you look at the story of Vayeshev, it is probably the most depressing, chaos-filled portion in the entire Torah. Something terrible happens to...read more
  • Question: Besides lighting menorahs and giving gifts, is there any deeper meaning to the holiday of Chanukah? Answer: Kabbalistically, the purpose...read more
  • We are now entering the month of miracles, and soon opening the gift of Chanukah, referred to by kabbalists this way because there is almost nothing...read more

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