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  • The process of purifying an individual from tzara'at, leprosy, occurs in the portion Metzora. It’s not just specifically speaking, however, about...read more
  • The portion Tazria discusses lashon hara, the negativity that is created through evil speech. We have previously talked about the damage that...read more
  • The kabbalists explain that the portion of Metzora is not just talking about the danger of speaking negatively about another person, but that it also...read more
  • Michael reveals the secrets found within the story of Rav Tarfon and how each of us can be inspired in the midst of darkness. read more
  • This week we have two portions, Tazria-Metzora, both of which deal for the most part with what do not obviously appear to be positive things. It...read more
  • Michael discusses the value of reading the Zohar and how the very words we read act as a delivery system for the Light of the Creator. CLICK HERE to...read more
  • We are coming to the portion of Metzora, and we know that the overriding idea of this portion is the fact that if a person speaks negatively,...read more
  • Michael explains how every negative action that a person does creates darkness, but her or she can also transform this darkness through his or her...read more
  • The Shabbat of Tazria/Metzora is significant because two portions are read together, intertwining many of the lessons and Light that we receive this...read more
  • There is an endless amount of blessing that is meant for us, but we block it with our selfish and reactive behavior. In order to truly experience...read more

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