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  • The portion Bechukotai starts, Im bechukotai telechu, “If you walk in My path,” ve’natati gishmeikhem beitam, “then you will merit all the blessings...read more
  • It’s late May, which means that everywhere deeply devout people are setting aside their earthly affairs, donning sacred garments, and congregating to...read more
  • It says in the Midrash that every single day the Creator is revealing a new way, new understandings, and new pathways. What this means is that the...read more
  • Usually when there's a message from the Creator to the Israelites, there's a conversation that begins with the name of the Creator being revealed,...read more
  • Michael reveals the reason why we experience challenges and how we can transform them by elevating sparks of Light through opportunities of...read more
  • The portion of Bechukotai begins, Im bechukotai telechu, which Rashi the great commentator says means “if you do the difficult work when you don't...read more
  • Michael discusses the process by which we elevate sparks of Light or otherwise regather and rebuild our own soul through our spiritual work. The...read more
  • This week’s portion, Bechukotai, begins in a very unique way. Usually in the beginning of every portion it either says Vayedaber Hashem el Moshe...read more
  • Michael discusses the Light revealed at the time of the end of pain, suffering, and death.read more
  • This week’s portion begins with a discussion of what’s called shmittah, the seventh year when no work of the land is supposed to be done. You can...read more
  • Our true spiritual work is only when we encounter times of concealment or difficulty. When we push ourselves and make the extra effort even during...read more
  • Every day we experience some form of offence from others. It is natural to become upset when a friend does something that is hurtful towards us. Our...read more

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