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  • The great Light of the 72 Names of God, the conduits through which miracles are awakened, is revealed on Shabbat Beshalach, the Shabbat of the...read more
  • Michael discusses the difference between pushing ourselves to our limit versus moving beyond our limits to reach the realm of miracles.read more
  • Michael discusses the certainty of the Nation of Israel during the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea, and how this is a lesson for us on what...read more
  • The portion, and Shabbat, ofBeshalach is very important. It is the portion of the miracle of the Splitting of the Sea, and the Shabbat of the 72...read more
  • There's a section in the portion Beshalach that raises quite a few questions. It says “On that day,” which is speaking of the day of the Splitting of...read more
  • The portion Beshalach is a very important one. It is the one where the 72 Names are revealed, and one of great miracles; as such, it is one from...read more
  • Michael reveals the key necessary to open the lock to all of the blessings we desire to receive in life. CLICK HERE to watch more from Michael Berg.read more
  • This week is a very important Shabbat; it is what in the Kabbalah Centres we call the Shabbat of the 72 Names of God. However, it says that the...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how we connect with the secret of living in "this day" and avoid injecting doubt, fear and uncertainty into our future,...read more
  • Beshalach is a very important Shabbat. In this portion, Moses uses the power of the 72 Names of God to create the great miracle of the Splitting of...read more
  • Michael discusses the Biblical stories of Datan and Aviram who rebelled against Moses and Achitofel and Doeg HaEdomi who rebelled against King David...read more
  • Michael explores how Moses and the Israelites were only able to perform miracles because they lived each day with certainty and how we can only...read more
  • We come to a very important Shabbat, the Shabbat of the 72 Names of God. The amount of writings by kabbalists offering exciting revelations about...read more

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