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Ki Tavo

  • The first sentence of the portion Ki Tavo says, Ki tavo el ha’aretz, vehaya ki tavo el ha’aretz, “and it will be when you will come to the Land,”...read more
  • The portion Ki Tavo deals with what are called the curses and the blessings. The story goes that throughout history, when the curses - which seem to...read more
  • The portion Ki Tavo talks about bikkurim, the first fruit. Moses tells the Israelites to give thanks to the Creator by going to the Temple in...read more
  • The physical story of the portion Ki Tavo that we read is regarding what's called bikkurim, the first fruit. In the times when people were farmers in...read more
  • Michael reveals how the reading of the Biblical portion of Ki Tavo on Shabbat contains the secret for removing all forms of negativity and judgment...read more
  • At one point in the portion Ki Tavo, the Creator tells the Israelites, through Moses, that when they come to the Land of Israel they should separate...read more
  • Michael discusses the Bible portion of Ki Tavo which includes 98 curses and how the Shabbat reading of the Tetragrammaton in this portion can cleanse...read more
  • Deuteronomy 26:16 begins with the words hayom hazeh, which mean “this day”, this day the Creator commands you to do these actions, the spiritual work...read more
  • Oftentimes we say to ourselves, 'I want my life to matter.' Michael reveals how we can make sure our actions and impact in the world will live...read more
  • Michael reveals how we must recognize that we do not control the beginning, middle or end of any situation. The Light of the Creator is in complete...read more

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