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  • Rav Ashlag quotes a section of the Tikunei Zohar that explains a verse from Isaiah, which says there is a voice sent by the Light of the Creator that...read more
  • The portion Devarim takes place in the days leading up to Moses’ departure from this physical world. Therefore, in it, he gives over important...read more
  • Michael reveals the kabbalistic understanding of the verse, "...from His mouth God gives wisdom and understanding." (Proverbs 2:6)read more
  • The portion Devarim begins with a discussion between Moses and the Israelites. Moses gathers all the Israelites and seems to be telling them all of...read more
  • The Midrash, in beginning the discussion of the portion Devarim, asks this question: The Torah was written in Hebrew, but are you allowed to write...read more
  • Michael reveals how in fighting our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, we break down what the kabbalists refer to as the 955 gates. In doing this...read more
  • In the portion Devarim, Moses tells the Israelites the story of a journey. He says it takes eleven days to travel in a direct line from Horeb up to...read more
  • Michael discusses the importance of studying from the Ari and the Zohar to cleanse negativity we have created and are not even aware of. ...read more
  • There are certain Shabbats in the year that are given a special name. This Shabbat of the portion Devarim is one of them; it’s called Shabbat Chazon...read more
  • Michael shares a story about the Ohev Israel, the Apta Rebbe about how we can remove decrees of judgment and negativity that may be hanging over us....read more
  • Often in life, we try to decide whether something should or should not be done; whether something is the right move or the right decision. It is...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can change the "unchangeable" in our lives by entering into the "headquarters of negativity," especially during the time...read more
  • This week’s portion, the first in the book of Deuteronomy, begins “elehha devarim,” meaning “these are the words.” Moses is soon leaving this world,...read more

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