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  • There is a collection of a few teachings from a great soul who lived, and was killed, during the Holocaust. There is not a teaching on every week's...read more
  • In the portion Vayishlach, Jacob is preparing himself with protection, because physically, his brother is able to kill him or greatly harm him. The...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can reach the state of self containment for achieving happiness, clarity and manifesting our desires. CLICK HERE to watch more...read more
  • There is a teaching about the portion of Vayishlach from Rav Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, who my father, Rav Berg always told us has a very special...read more
  • Michael reveals the consciousness we must hold if we want to receive wisdom, understanding, and blessing through our study and spiritual work. CLICK...read more
  • In the first part of the story in the portion Vayishlach, after quite a number of years, Jacob decides it's time to go back home and meet his brother...read more
  • The kabbalists teach that all negativity and all darkness is merely momentary. When we remember this, we are empowered to rise above negativity and...read more
  • The portion Vayishlach is the story of Jacob battling the angel, and is the first time that the Torah speaks about the battle between ourselves and...read more
  • Michael explores how our words, both positive and negative, influence our soul's connection to the Light. We have the power through our words to...read more
  • This is a very important portion. It is the first time that the Torah speaks about the battle between ourselves and what’s called “Sitra Achra,” the...read more
  • Michael explains how greater Light exists within every darkness and negativity we see in our lives.read more
The Creator is only constantly in the state of Goodness, and never in the state of seeing what is wrong. Read more: https://t.co/NHD1PQ5a34
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