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  • In the story of Vayigash, Yehuda awakens within himself the understanding that it is not his father, Jacob, or his other brothers who need to be...read more
  • It says in the beginning of the portion Vayigash, Vayigash elav Yehuda. Yehuda, the leader of the brothers of Joseph, is going to “stand up” to...read more
  • The Midrash tells us that when Joseph was originally sent down to Egypt, he quoted a verse from Psalms, where King David tells us that what happens...read more
  • The portion Vayigash begins with what seems to be a confrontation between Yehuda and Joseph. Yehuda at this point believes Joseph is simply the...read more
  • Kabbalists teach that when tragic events occur and judgment comes to the world it is a wake-up call for all of us. Michael reveals how we can remove...read more
  • The portion of Vayigash begins, “Vayigash elav Yehuda,” meaning “Yehuda stood up to Joseph.” But it is not literally just about Yehuda standing up to...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can remove negativity and draw protection for the world. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah University.read more
  • In the portion of Vayigash, Yehuda is awakening within himself the understanding that, "It's not my father Jacob, it’s not my other brothers, it is I...read more
  • In Kabbalah we learn that consciousness is everything. Rav Shimon bar Yochai teaches in the Zohar that each of us has the spiritual responsibility to...read more
  • The story of Vayigash begins with the words “Vayigash elav Yehuda,” which means “Yehuda stood up to Joseph.” It is no coincidence that Vayigash is...read more
  • Michael reveals how all of our needs, desires, and lack can be fulfilled by awakening the Light that is already within each of us.read more

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