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  • Rav Ashlag teaches that the true spiritual path, what he calls the Central Column path, is exact and narrow; so much so, he says, that it is possible...read more
  • Turning to the conversation between Noach and the Creator following the Flood, Michael reveals that our true spiritual work is not to assess whether...read more
  • The portion Noach, I feel, is filled with many exciting and important teachings; teachings which, if we really understand them, have the power to...read more
  • There's a book, a commentary, by the Italian kabbalist Menachem Recanati, who was one of the first to bring wisdom from the Zohar and other writings...read more
  • Michael reveals how every action that we do can expand and reunify our soul with the Light for achieving spiritual growth and fulfilling our purpose...read more
  • The Noam Elimelech gives a very important teaching that relates to the portion of Noach, but also, more importantly, to our spiritual work. Before he...read more
  • The kabbalists liken The Zohar to the Ark of Noah.  In our generation, it is The Zohar that saves us from the flood of chaos. Join Michael as he...read more
  • The Creator tells Noah that the world is going to be destroyed, and so He wants him to take 120 years to build a teyvat, an Ark, through which he and...read more
  • There is an amazing teaching focused on this week’s portion from the Ari. Abraham had two brothers, Haran and Nahor, and it is in this week's portion...read more
  • Just as there are the physical laws such as gravity at work, there is also a spiritual system of cause and effect in place.  Based on our...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can connect with holiness through small actions and how we can connect with the Clouds of Protection that once surrounded Adam...read more
  • This week’s Parashah is, of course, the story of the generation of the flood. However, the Zohar explains that this portion also has within it the...read more

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