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  • When my father Rav Berg lived in the United States, and his teacher, Rav Brandwein, lived in Israel, they would study in many different ways; one...read more
  • In the portion Korach, the kabbalists tell us that at the core of what Korach was saying was a message so powerful that initially all of the leaders...read more
  • Michael discusses how there is always so much more going on beneath the surface in every challenge and obstacle we face. Turning to the Biblical...read more
  • In the portion Korach, a group led by Korach rises up against Moses, Aaron, and the Creator. We have said before that Korach was not a bad person; in...read more
  • We learn in the portion of Korach that even those who attached themselves to Korach and did not have pure intentions were still able to infuse the...read more
  • Michael reveals how falling is a gift so we can gauge where we are at on our spiritual journey and move forward toward achieving our full potential....read more
  • There is, some would say, a challenging understanding and teaching about this portion. If you read the literal story, Korach comes out as a very bad...read more
  • Michael turns to the teachings of the Seer of Lublin to reveal how whenever we have fallen, it is simply the Creator awakening a greater desire...read more
  • It says that after Korach failed, the earth swallowed him up; it’s a very dark, sad ending. And there’s a little bit of confusion about this. Korach...read more
  • Michael discusses Korach's rebellion against Moses, and stresses the importance of a pure consciousness in our actions and spiritual work. CLICK HERE...read more
  • Throughout history, the understanding of this week’s portion has been that Korach, because he wanted to become the high priest, along with 250 other...read more
  • On a simple level, the story of Korach appears to be a tale of a failed rebellion, however, the kabbalists reveal that he was an elevated soul who...read more
  • Michael discusses the value of having no personal investment in what we do and recognizing everything we achieve is the Light. Only the Creator...read more

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