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  • The first verse in the portion Bamidbar says that the Creator spoke to Moses in the Sinai Desert. And since we know that all the words in the Torah...read more
  • The Shabbat of Bamidbar always comes before Shavuot, and the kabbalists explain why. They tell us that in the previous portion, Bechukotai, there was...read more
  • There is an interesting section in the Midrash which has to do with both the portion of Bamidbar and the holiday of Shavuot. It says in the Talmud...read more
  • Michael discusses how our spiritual work must be focused on achieving our transformation and revealing the face of the Light of the Creator in our...read more
  • There is a teaching in the Tiferet Shlomo about the song Shalom Aleichem, which has to do also with the portion of Bamidbar. It says, if you read the...read more
  • The Creator comes to Moses and tells him, “As you count the other tribes, don’t count the tribe of Levi. Do not count them as you count all the other...read more
  • Michael discusses the true and profound purpose for all of our study and spiritual work. CLICK HERE to watch the entire lesson on Kabbalah University.read more
  • Nachmanides, the Ramban, quotes a section in the Midrash explaining the portion of Bamidbar. The Israelites are set up in four camps surrounding the...read more
  • Michael discusses the importance of constant growth in our spiritual work.read more
  • There is a very famous section in the Midrash in regards to the portion of Bamidbar, and I read it almost every year as I come to this Shabbat. The...read more
  • Our fulfillment does not come from "more" of any external thing. Like the angels described in the Bible, our fulfillment comes with the knowledge of...read more

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