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Having a Heart as Weak as Wax

Topic: Consciousness | Posted: November 27, 2019

The story in the portion Toldot is a well-known one: Isaac wants to give the blessing of the first born to Esau, the selfish son, but Rebecca tells Jacob they have to trick Isaac into giving him the blessing instead, doing so through preparing food and putting on Esau’s clothing. And the Midrash gives us an interesting insight into Jacob’s psyche and emotions during these moments that are important for us to understand. The Midrash tells us that Jacob does not want to do this, and that he is forced to. It says that as he’s getting prepared to enter his father’s room, he is bent over, completely broken, and crying. So, as Jacob is getting ready to receive what is probably the greatest Light revealed in this world, how does he go into it? Forced, bent over, completely broken, and crying. When he enters the room, his father senses something's wrong for many reasons; Isaac smells the Garden... read more


Living All the Days of Our Life

Topic: Consciousness | Posted: November 20, 2019

The portion Chayei Sarah begins, Vayihyu Chayei Sarah, mea shana, veesrim shana, vesheva shanim, shenei Chayei Sarah, “The days of Sarah were the years of her life, a hundred year, and twenty year, and seven years. These were the years of the life of Sarah.” The Midrash says it is not a coincidence that the beginning of this portion, which speaks of the death of Sarah, comes right after the discussion of the birth of Rebecca at the end of the previous portion, Vayera; the Midrash makes a connection between the birth of Rebecca, who was going to be the wife of Isaac, and the death of Sarah, the mother of Isaac and the wife of Abraham. To begin this understanding, the Midrash quotes a verse from Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), which says, "The sun rises and the sun sets.” There is, it says, a secret in this verse: whenever a great soul is leaving this world, corresponding to the setting of the... read more


The Gift of a Shift in Consciousness

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: November 13, 2019

At the beginning of the portion Vayera, the angels, after being fed by Abraham, tell him that a great miracle will happen a year from now: he and his wife Sarah, who are far past child-bearing years and have been trying their entire lives to have children, will have a child. It tells us that when Sarah hears this, she laughs, and the Creator gets upset, and says, “Why is Sarah laughing at Me? Is there anything that I, God, cannot do?” Then it says that Sarah denies laughing. What is the secret of this story? The kabbalists teach something very important. We know that in order for any Light to be revealed, there has to be a vessel. A vessel, however, is not just a true desire; it is also certainty that something can, or will, happen. There is a very big difference between desiring something to happen, and having the consciousness that it can. Sarah hears the Creator saying, through the... read more


It Is Better to Be Truthful and Fall

Topic: Consciousness | Posted: November 6, 2019

The Creator tells Abraham, Lech Lecha, “Go from the land” to Canaan, which is known as Israel. He says, “I will make you a great nation. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. I will make you prosper there.” So, Abraham arrives in Canaan, but a famine comes to the land, and he doesn’t know what to do. He has to decide if he should stay there in the Promised Land or go down to Egypt, where there is food. And he makes the choice to go to Egypt, to leave the place the Creator told him to go, where the Creator told him he would prosper and receive his blessings. It’s an interesting understanding. Not only was Abraham told to go there by the Creator, but he was also told he would prosper there, so when he arrives to famine, it creates, of course, an opening for doubt. And that’s what happens on the spiritual path; an opening for doubt always has to be there. In fact... read more


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