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  • Shabbat Matot-Masei is one of the three Shabbats that fall in the period that we call Ben HaMetzarim, “The Three Negative Weeks,” and the portion...read more
  • There is a beautiful section at the end of the Zohar portion for Emor, in which Rav Shimon bar Yochai says, "People do not know, do not see, do not...read more
  • In the beginning of the portion Tzav, the Creator says to Moses, “Speak to your brother Aaron, and speak of the sacrifice in the morning and in the...read more
  • The portion of Terumah deals with the physical building of the Tabernacle, the Mishkan, by the Israelites in the desert. After explaining what they'...read more
  • In the portion Bo, the Creator comes to Moses and says, “Raise your hands toward the heavens and let there be darkness in the land of Egypt… The...read more
  • Our actions are not merely an experssion of who we are, but in fact, our actions make us who we are.  Michael explores how our negative or...read more
  • Michael discusses how our physical world is reflected and replicated in the spiritual worlds, and how our actions have effects that reach further...read more
  • Michael reveals how every action that we do can expand and reunify our soul with the Light for achieving spiritual growth and fulfilling our purpose...read more
  • The physical story of the portion Ki Tavo that we read is regarding what's called bikkurim, the first fruit. In the times when people were farmers in...read more
  • Michael reminds us that elevation or falling are all illusions that we experience.  From the side of the Light of the Creator, the Light does...read more
  • Everything has at its core a desire to be close to the Light. Join Michael as he reveals how we can elevate everything—from the Inanimate to Human...read more
  • Our consciousness about the Light of the Creator directly influences what Light is revealed to us and how we manifest that Light for ourselves and...read more
  • Nadab and Avihu, the two sons of Aaron, achieved the level of Acharei Mot, being "after death," the level of having conquered death. How did they...read more
  • Michael discusses the prayers and work of Pesach and how our consiousness must be to fill what the Zohar calls an "Ocean of Blessing" so that...read more
  • The portion Tazria talks about leprosy, which is really just a way of understanding all disease, negativity, and darkness that comes to a person. And...read more
  • It says in the Torah, in the portion of Tetzaveh, that there were 11 elements which went into the ketoret, the incense that was brought at the time...read more
  • The kabbalists teach a concept called, “the language of the branches.” This means that since we are in a physical body, in a physical world, and...read more
  • The portion Bo begins with the Creator saying to Moses, “Come to Pharaoh.” Grammatically, as the Zohar and the kabbalists point out, the word,...read more
  • Michael reveals the only reason pain, negativity and darkness exist, how we can remove the false consciousness that allows darkness to occur and how...read more
  • Michael points to Moses and the Israelites as role models who merited achieving the Redemption on Mount Sinai and reveals how we can become conduits...read more
  • In the portion Shoftim it says, tamim tihiyeh im Hashem elokecha, which means that you should be simple with the Creator. The Maharal says a very...read more
  • Michael reveals how our spiritual work can elevate all darkness, bringing us to our highest level, and how when we feel down or far from the Light,...read more
  • Michael turns to the writings of Rav Ashlag and reveals how the Light revealed at any time is greater than we actually receive. If we are able to...read more
  • In the end of the portion Beha’a’lotcha, it says, “Moses cries out to the Creator.” The words that he cries out are the words that are used in the...read more
  • The portion of Emor, in its literal reading, seems to only be talking about the priests or family of priests. But as we've spoken about in past years...read more
  • There is a section in the teachings of the Noam Elimelech (Rav Elimelech Weisblum of Lizhensk, 1717–1786), which I love, that explains the importance...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can strengthen our consciousness to reach a place of constant connection to the Light of the Creator. CLICK HERE to watch the...read more
  • At times it appears as if the challenges and obstacles we encounter in life are insurmountable; that the difficulty before us is too great. Join...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can maintain a constant, conscious connection with the Light in our lives and what it will take for us to achieve the end of...read more
  • At the beginning of this week’s portion, the angels, after being fed by Abraham, tell him that a great miracle will happen a year from now; he and...read more
  • Deuteronomy 26:16 begins with the words hayom hazeh, which mean “this day”, this day the Creator commands you to do these actions, the spiritual work...read more
  • Michael discusses the true desire of our soul, the desire for a constant connection with the Light of the Creator. CLICK HERE to watch the entire...read more
  • Vayikra is a unique portion in many ways; you can tell by reading the commentaries by different kabbalists that there is something very special that...read more
  • The portion of Tetzaveh is the only reading in the entire Torah where the name of Moses is not mentioned. Why is this? One of the explanations the...read more
  • After the revelation of Mount Sinai, the Creator rests upon the people of Israel. Michael reveals how every time we scan or read Zohar, pray or use...read more
  • Michael reveals how we can increase our direct connection to and receiving from the Light of the Creator by uprooting the consciousness of "mine".read more
  • In everything we do we must hold on to the consciousness that there is no "I". Everything we experience comes from the Light of the Creator, and when...read more
  • Michael reveals how building and maintaining a consciousness that the Light is constantly with us draws great Light into the world while providing us...read more
  • Michael explores how each of us have invested effort and energy into positive actions, and the Light revealed through those positive actions stays...read more
  • Michael reveals how we must recognize that we do not control the beginning, middle or end of any situation. The Light of the Creator is in complete...read more
  • There is an endless amount of blessing that is meant for us, but we block it with our selfish and reactive behavior. In order to truly experience...read more
  • This week, we want to understand what a unique gift is available for us in the portion of Tzav. To begin this understanding, there is a story in the...read more
  • Throughout our life we go through times of concealment and revelation known as the Concealed Face and the Revealed Face. By understanding the purpose...read more
  • In this month of Virgo you can awaken desire for what you really need on both the physical and the spiritual levels. Both Rav Isaac Luria, who lived...read more
  • The word God means many different things to many people. Some think that there is a “being” in the heavens – most likely a male with emotions,...read more
  • When most of us look at the world, we believe that things exist. Trees exist, nature exists, we exist, and our family exists. Everything remains...read more
  • Michael discusses the value of appreciating our lack while creating a spiritual vessel for the Light to draw blessings.read more
  • Michael discusses the concept of Keter. According to the kabbalists, Keter is the direct shining of the Endless World, and the beginning of...read more
The Creator is only constantly in the state of Goodness, and never in the state of seeing what is wrong. Read more: https://t.co/NHD1PQ5a34
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