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Michael Berg is the co-director of The Kabbalah Centre and editor of the first-ever English translation of The Zohar... read more

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The Importance of Elevating Our Consciousness

Topic: Master Kabbalists & Their Writings | Posted: August 24, 2016

Rav Brandwein gave a teaching to Rav Berg regarding the portion Ekev, and when Rav Brandwein chooses to teach one thing concerning a portion, it means that within that teaching is not only the most important consciousness we need to have for that week and that Shabbat, but also, maybe even more importantly, there's something about the secret we need to take with us throughout our lives. So, Rav Brandwein speaks only about the first three words of the portion Ekev - “Vehaya ekev tishmeun” - which literally translated mean, “And it will be when in the end, you will hear.” Rav Brandwein says that in these three words are the secret of the purpose of life, and the secret of the purpose of The Kabbalah Centre. In a letter to Rav Berg that was written in 1968, Rav Brandwein shares what was revealed to him concerning this reading. The beginning of the understanding, he says, is this: Vehaya... read more


The Powerful Effects We Have On Our Spiritual Community

Topic: Well Being | Posted: August 17, 2016

It's important to realize, when coming to understand the different secrets the kabbalists reveal concerning the portion Va’etchanan, that it is not talking about Moses' need to physically go into what we know as the Land of Israel, but rather that he was asking for the state of connection to the Light of the Creator that's referred to as Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel. The geography was not important; what was important was that he felt there was this next level of Light that he wanted, but didn't receive. The kabbalists teach there are 50 gates of understanding, and Moses received the 49th, but not the 50th. Therefore, we come to understand that this portion is about the desire Moses has to receive that 50th and ultimate level. The Torah tells us, however, that not only did Moses - it seems - not receive that elevation, but something negative happened, as well. It says, “God got... read more


The Message Is Given Directly To You

Topic: Master Kabbalists & Their Writings | Posted: August 10, 2016

The Midrash, in beginning the discussion of the portion Devarim, asks this question: The Torah was written in Hebrew, but are you allowed to write the words of the Torah in all the languages of the world? They say that yes, you are allowed to take the Torah and write it in all languages, because Moses, on the Shabbat of Devarim, takes the Torah and speaks it in all 70 languages of the world. But what does it mean that Moses spoke it in the 70 languages of the world? What is the secret there? When a righteous person speaks, he is speaking to every single individual, and what he says reaches each individual in a way that is unique to them; each person feels that what is being said is being spoken directly to them. When an elevated soul speaks, not everybody receives the same message, because every person hears what they feel their soul needs to hear. They feel the message is given... read more


Becoming Above the Angels

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: August 3, 2016

When the portion Masei talks about the group of Israelites, sometimes it calls them le’tzivotam, and sometimes it calls them be’tzivotam, which means either they went as a group or they went as an army. When it says that the person is above the army, it means he is above the army of angels. That’s the secret of why it talks about be’tzivotam, a person becoming a part of the angels, versus le’tzivotam, which refers to the point where a person becomes above the angels. The greatest fear of the angels is to be disconnected from the Light of the Creator, and it is that fear which actually keeps them connected. Meaning, it’s not the work they are doing or the wisdom they are gaining that keeps them connected; it’s because they have a constant fear of being disconnected from the Light that keeps them connected. However, as human beings, even if an action we do is not done with the perfect... read more


Secrets of the Bible

The book by Michael Berg

Secrets of the Bible is a lifelong pursuit and there are many teachings within its veiled text. Bringing forward a fresh and relevant message about ou


The Thought of Creation

The book by Michael Berg

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